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Duke Thomas is The Signal, a metahuman vigilante and the daylight protector of Gotham City. Following the loss of his parents' sanity at the hands of The Joker, Duke joined and led the We Are Robin movement; hundreds of civilian teenagers who donned the Robin 'R' and fought for their city in Batman's absence following the events of Batman: Endgame. Duke eventually left the movement after being offered to train under Batman and join the Batman Family. Duke is now a member of the newly re-formed Outsiders team led by Black Lightning.



Duke is the biological son of Elaine Thomas and an immortal named Gnomon. Prior to his birth, a pregnant Elaine fled to Gotham in order to escape Gnomon and the secret war between immortals. Elaine became a social worker and married Doug Thomas, a humble construction worker. Duke was born at Gotham Mercy General Hospital and the couple raised him out of their home in the Tracey Towers apartment complex, in the Gotham Narrows. Duke lived a relatively uneventful childhood, completely unaware of his mother's previous life.

Zero Year

When Duke was 10 years old the terrorist Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler, shut off all the power in Gotham City and challenged everyone to get smart or die by natural selection. Coinciding with the villain's attack, Hurricane Rene struck the city and plunge it further into chaos. The Riddler told the city that if anyone could present him with a riddle that he couldn't answer he would restore power to Gotham. Duke, who was a confident young student at the time, accepted the Riddler's challenge and began to train his mind with brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles. Duke met Bruce Wayne for the first time when the Thomas family rescued the unconscious billionaire in the aftermath of Hurricane Rene. Thanking Duke and his family for their kindness, Wayne departed and took down the Riddler.


Several years later, the Joker enacted his Endgame assault on Batman and Gotham. Having Figured out the vigilante's secret identity, Joker kidnapped Duke and his parents in order to recreate the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, using The Thomas's, in front of Batman. Batman managed to rescue Duke and save the Thomas family from the murderous plot, but he was ultimately unable to save Duke's parents from succumbing to the mind-controlling gas The Joker had released. Batman and Duke managed to make their way through the chaos on the streets of Gotham to the Batcave, where he left the boy in the care of Julia Pennyworth, before setting off for a fatal showdown with the Joker. Batman went missing shortly thereafter.

We Are... Robin![]

The Vigilante Business

Following the disappearance of his parents during the Endgame attack, Duke was placed into the foster system. Duke grew jaded as it became apparent that the authorities were not making any progress locating his parents. desperate to find them, he began regularly breaking away from his foster homes to investigate by himself. Dr. Thompkins was placed in charge of his social case and largely kept him out of any serious trouble.

After getting into yet another fight, Duke was taken into custody and came onto the radar of the Robin movement. Dr. Thompkins tried reassuring Duke that the police are still looking for his parents and they had recently found some Joker toxin victims wandering the sewer system. She asked that he stopped running the streets picking fights and try to be respectful of his foster parents, having placed Duke with Joanne and Roy Dawson. The Dawsons lived in a dirty run-down apartment and expected Duke to clean things and babysit the other foster kids. When left alone to organize his things in his new bedroom, Duke escaped immediately. Feeling guilty about letting Leslie Thompkins down, but thankful for her tip, Duke went out to search for his parents in the sewers.

While in the sewers looking for his parents, Duke stumbled into a community of homeless people who had created an underground city. There he overheard their plan to bomb different landmarks in Gotham, starting with the Hall of Records. Just after hearing this he was discovered and attacked. Luckily the Robins, who had been tailing him, sprung into action to save Duke. Together with the Robins, Duke fought his way out of the sewers, only to lose consciousness after a blow to the head. When the police came, the Robins were ordered to abandon Duke and run. Reluctantly they did as they were told.

Duke awoke inside a police interrogation room to a mysterious man with facial hair and dark glasses. The man asked him what he was willing to do in order to find his parents. Duke expressed confusion and told the man that was the police's job, and the man left Duke alone the room. After waiting for a while, getting frustrated, Duke tried the door handle and found it was unlocked. When he stepped out of the interrogation room he realized that he was not in a police station at all, but actually inside an abandoned warehouse with nothing. before him was a red biker jacket with a yellow R on the breast, atop a motorcycle, and cellphone inside the jacket. The cellphone in his new jacket instructed him to go to a different location.

Following the instructions, Duke drove the motorcycle to the address, which led him to the Robins who had saved him earlier. While initially skeptical as to why their mysterious benefactor ("The Nest") deemed Duke so important, the team was instructed to stop the terrorist attack by the homeless Duke had overheard. The team manage to locate the bombs beneath the Hall of Record and, using instructions sent to their phones from The Nest, they were able to disable one of the bombs. The second bomb proved more difficult however, as it was on a subway train track and they had to jump out of the way of trains every few moments. The Nest instructed them to get on the next train and leave the second bomb there. However, one of the robins, Troy, determined that he could disable the bomb himself and stayed behind alone. As the others rode away, Troy failed to disarm the bomb, got caught in the blast, and was killed instantly.

Robin War

*Note: The Robin War arc takes place concurrently with ___.

After a Robin member was implicated in the accidental shooting death of a police officer and a robber at a convenience store, the entire We Are Robin movement comes under fire by the public. Councilwoman Noctua, the local government official, passed legislation that outlawed all Robin activity following the incident. The Robin Laws made it illegal for anyone in Gotham to wear robin paraphernalia and encouraged police to stop and detain anyone who might be a Robin. These actions led to Duke and his gang being persecuted by local law enforcement and targets of James Gordan, the new government appointed Batman. Duke called a meeting of all the Robins in the movement and implored the as-of-yet unknown Robin involved in the accidental death to turn themselves in hopes that Gotham would see that the Robins are more than a reckless gang of vigilantes.

The meeting is interrupted when Damian Wayne descends upon the crowd, claiming that the We Are Robin crew are frauds and challenging them all to fight. Damian fought the Robins until the meeting was further crashed by the new Batman. While Damian defeats the new Batman, shutting his suit down with an electric shock, Duke and his crew escape before they could be arrested. After they escaped, a Robin named Travis came forward and confessed to Duke that he was the one responsible for the shooting incident. While Duke says that the choice in coming forward to the police is Travis', he also lets it be known that it's the responsible thing to do-- what a Robin would do.

The heat on the Robin movement intensified and eventually the original Robins, the former apprentices to Batman, stepped in to aid the movement. Agent 37, Red Robin, Red Hood, and Robin called the We are Robin kids together to be trained in a sort of Robin school, in an effort to help hone their abilities and make them into more disciplined crime-fighters. During his one on one training with Agent 37, Duke reveals that he knows his secret identity is Dick Grayson, shocking Dick. by the end of their training Duke is recognized as one of the best to come out of the Robin school, alongside Izzy, Dax, and Dre. Grayson then split the Robins up with the four mentors and sent the different groups out to complete separate missions: Duke's group with Grayson, Izzy's with Damian, Dax's with Red Hood, and Dre's with Red Robin. What they did not know is that Dick set them up to be arrested, feeling it was the best way to keep the Robins safe while he figures out what's going on. Dick parts with the soon-to-be-arrested Duke, telling him of his intentions, saying that because Duke is the Robins' leader the others would be accept Dick's position if the news comes from him.

Whilst in jail, it is revealed that the anti-Robin legislation, arrests, and even the inciting incident were all orchestrated by the Court of Owls. Red Robin and Red Hood are made to fight to the death by the Court, which created an opening for Duke, Damian, and the We Are Robin crew to free themselves. and the other prisoners. The Courts sends an elite group of Talons to eliminate or apprehend the escapees. After beating back Talons on the GCPD rooftop, Duke and his gang of Robins, alongside the Bat-apprentices, broke off from the Robins that weren't up to the task and continued on to get to the bottom of the Court of Owls' plot. tracking the Court to a base underneath Gotham Academy, the group found the Court's Talon hatchery and destroyed it, preventing more Talons from being produced. After fighting off even more Talons, Duke and the team are made to confront Damian Wayne, who, in order to save his friends from certain death, was made to fight alongside the Court of Owls.

Even with the odds stacked against him, Duke refuses to give up and fought Damian head-on, trying to bring him back to the side of good. Duke tells Damian that he isn't Robin, nor will he or the We Are Robin crew ever be, he is; but that doesn't stop stop them from doing good. Duke eventually broke through to Damian and they re-joined the rest Robins as they fought to keep the remaining elite Talons from decimating the city. After saving the city, We are Robin movement and the former Robins are embraced by the GCPD and the citizens of Gotham as heroes. The We Are Robin crew disbands soon after, when Duke quits upon learning of Travis' death at the hands of a Talon.

Later Duke spots Damian tracking him and invites to the movies, which Damian accepts, kicking off the start of a friendship.


Down and out in the wake of the disbanding of the We Are Robin crew and the revelation of his parents' permanent jokerization, Duke takes solace in his friendship with Izzy. Before attending school, he gets a We Are Robin group text from Dre, warning of an upcoming plot by Duke's former bully, Smiley, and his Jokers gang. Seeking help from Riko, a fellow ex-Robin, he is denied because of her jealousy toward Izzy.

Shortly after, the school is taken over by Smiley and his gang of Jokers, and the two former Robins put aside their differences to stop him. Together, the We Are Robin crew work their way to the top floor, and successfully take Smiley and his Jokers down. Later that day, they are contacted by The Nest, and they proceed to tell him they no longer require his help, that they've got their own way of being heroes.

As one of their own commits to robbing one of Bruce Wayne's penthouse apartments, the We Are Robin crew gathers one more time to stop a friend from further descending into a life of crime. They successfully stop the crime and save Alfred Pennyworth from being held at gunpoint. As two robbers flee, the crew chases after them, base jumping from the penthouse; but before Duke departs with his friends, he tells Alfred that he looks better without a disguise, letting him know that he eventually figured out Alfred was The Nest.


*Note: Superheavy takes place concurrently with some of the events of the Jokers arc.

Duke began spending his time at the Lucius Fox Center For Gotham Youth where he found himself working alongside Bruce Wayne, who had become an amnesiac since the events of Endgame. Commissioner Gordon, who had become the new GCPD-backed Batman, came to Bruce with a seeds that belonged to a new villain wreaking havoc in Gotham called Mister Bloom, hoping to spark his memory in order to take him down. While Bruce was of no help, Duke stole the seed off Bruce and took it to Daryl Gutierrez, an engineer working with the new Batman and longtime friend, to learn more about the seed and its origins. Later, Duke broke into the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge following a lead on Mister Bloom, stealing Bloom-related documents before quickly escaping the crime boss and his super-villainous associates. Duke spotted while making his escape but before he could be taken out by Penguin's armed guards, Bruce Wayne narrowly saves his life; having tracked Duke when after he stole the seed.

Although safe from the bad guys, Duke was not safe from Bruce's talking-to, where he warns Duke of the dangers of crime-fighting. In this confrontation, Duke gets a text from Daryl that his parents have been found, but Bruce won't let Duke leave, continuing his lecture. Frustrated, Duke insinuates to Bruce that he knows he is Batman, and questions how Bruce can give up that life to work at a youth center, not understanding how the events of Endgame have erased Bruce's memory of being Batman. Bruce tries to reason with Duke but Duke ultimately leaves stating he believes that Batman will one day return, but in the meantime, he recommends Bruce stay out of his way. This confrontation between Bruce and Duke would set Bruce down the path back to being Batman.

Duke finally, found his parents at a local psychiatric hospital, only to discover that it is too late to save them-- they are permanently jokerized. Meanwhile, Mr. Bloom has unleashed his grand scheme upon Gotham and the streets erupt in chaos. Duke goes to confront Daryl, using the data from the files taken from Penguin, he’d discovered that Daryl is the creator of the Bloom seeds and is the original Mr. Bloom. Daryl subdues Duke, revealing his motivations and that he doesn’t know the identity of the imposer Mr. Bloom, but Duke managed to turn the tables on Daryl before jumping from the GCPD airship. Unfortunately, a stray Bloom monster cuts his parachute, sending him free-falling until he is saved in the nick of time by Bruce Wayne as the newly returned Batman. Now secured, Duke watched as both the Batmen saved the city. Once Mister Bloom was taken into custody, and Batman finally returned, Bruce formally offered Duke a position as his new protégé.

Nameless Era (Training)[]

Sometime after Mister Bloom's attack, Duke arrived at Wayne Manor to speak to Bruce about his offer. Unfortunately Bruce was out as Batman, doing battle to prevent Calendar Man from releasing deadly spores into the air. After subduing Calendar Man, Batman is informed by Jim Gordan that the spores had already been released. Two days later, Duke returned and met with Batman in the Batcave. They discuss the terms of their partnership going forward while Batman briefed Duke on Calendar Man - Julian Day.

Duke Thomas 0009.png

He shows Duke Thomas footage of Calendar Man, showing he had aged significantly. Batman had deduced that Day ages, dies and is reborn with the seasons. He found a way, using spores, to speed up the seasons to change over the course of days rather than months; going from summer heat to autumn weather, to freezing winter, and finally spring in a matter of 4 days. Batman tells Duke that the spores Day had released will hatch during the Spring, the following day, unless they stop him. Duke agrees to help Batman so long as he does not train to become Robin, resolving to become something else. Batman concedes, presented Duke with his own yellow and black superhero gear, and began his superhero and martial arts training immediately. Duke began joining Batman in the field the next day and together the duo foiled Calendar Man's plot.[1]

Soon after, Bruce had Elaine and Doug Thomas moved into a facility on the Wayne estate and Duke was taken in as the newest ward of Wayne manor. Over the course of the next year, Bruce Wayne taught Duke everything he's learned from his years of training abroad and throughout his career as Batman.

I Am Gotham

Duke helps console Gotham Girl.

Night of The Monster Men

Duke and Alfred created a cure for the monster virus.

The Cursed Wheel (I)

While training under Batman...a program Alfred called the "Cursed Wheel". One of Duke's first missions training under Batman involved following a string of murders committed by Victor Zsasz. Though Duke was gravely injured in the process, he learned an important lesson about the psychology of criminals and who he would become as a hero.

I Am Bane

After extracting Psycho Pirate from Santa Prisca Batman knew Bane would soon come for him, and so he orders Duke, Damain, Jason and Dick to flee the city for 5 days while he dealt with Bane. While the other bat boys insisted on stay and fighting Bane behind Bruce's back, Duke agreed that Bane was too dangerous and chose to listen to Batman and stand down. This turned out to be a wise choice as Bane savagely beat then hung Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing, leaving them barely alive as a message to Batman. Duke inevitably felt compelled to return to Gotham andto help but was captured by Bane while aiding Commissioner Gordon. Fortunately, Batman accounting for this and had Catwoman purposely let herself be captured as well so she can free any of his allies that may have stayed behind and gotten captured by Bane.

Road Trip with Two-Face

The "wheel" was forced to turn faster, according to Alfred, when Duke was thrust into a real adventure after the re-emergence of Two-Face. Having heard a rumor of a cure that could fix his split personality. Two-Face initially fought, but reluctantly befriended, Batman and Duke as they tried to locate the cure together with a hoard of assassins on their tail. Once the adventure ended, Duke was commended for his actions in his first real mission as a superhero.

Training with Red Hood

Duke trains with Jason Todd in the mud room.

The Cursed Wheel (II)

*Note: The second half of Cursed Wheel takes place just before the events of Dark Nights Metal, towards the end of his training.

Continuing his training under the Cursed Wheel program, on the anniversary of Zero Year Batman and Duke investigated a string of terroristic attacks that they believed were coordinated by The Riddler from his cell at Arkham. Following the clues, Duke discovered that the Riddler had secretly allied himself with Duke's former friend and the original Mister Bloom - Daryl Gutierrez.

Due to the effects of his experiments as Mister Bloom, Daryl's physiology was permanently changed and he had retained his metahuman powers without the aid of his seeds. Using his biokinesis, Daryl took control of various people as the conduit for Riddler's schemes...

While Batman dealt with the Riddler at Gotham General Hospital, Duke came face to face with Daryl when the villain ambushed him at Wayne manor and took Duke's parents hostage. Daryl taunted Duke, telling Duke that his biokinetic powers had sensed something unusual in the physiology of Duke and his mother. He came to demand answers about what Duke and his mother are, even offering to use his powers to heal his parents if Duke could tell him. Duke didn't understand what Daryl was asking and rushed him head-on, but he is quickly overpowered. Although she's still jokerized, Elaine's began to glow and she managed to come to her son's aid, distracting Daryl for a moment before being knocked unconscious. This bought Duke enough time to rally and he take down Daryl. However, Duke is left dumbfounded, as his eyes begin to glow and he's unable to understand his new vision.

Dark Nights: Metal

Some time later, While Batman was on a mission somehow related to the mysteries surrounding Nth Metal, Duke was tasked with guard the cave. This put him in direct conflict with Hal Jordan, who had been sent to investigate by the Guardians of the Universe, who had received strange omens that pointing to that location. Together they found a secret level of Batcave and attempted to decode the clues that the Bat had collected and stored in the cave, only to discover that Bruce had captured and hidden the Joker there too. Accidentally freeing the madman, the Joker revealed he knew more about the mystery of Nth Metal, that Duke is connected to it, and that Duke and his mother are actually Metahumans, before vanishing from the cave entirely.

In the wake of Dark Days, Duke moved back to the Narrows to live with his cousin Jay but continued his training with Batman.

Enter: The Signal[]

Gotham by Day

One morning, Duke is called to the Lucius Fox Center where Bruce surprises him with his very own base of operation, The Hatch. After studying under Batman for over a year, Duke is now ready for the next step in his superhero career. With Bruce's blessing, he took the codename ''Signal'' and begins his new role as the sole daylight protector of Gotham. Wanting to help save young metahumans like himself, Signal's first solo mission is to investigate the sudden emergence of dead metas in The Narrows. This leads to to a conflict with a rampaging young metahuman named The Null. Before being defeated, Null gives Signal his first clue as to what's going on when he repeatedly makes reference to being part of a mysterious "Dial". Duke takes a sample of Null's blood and brings it to Izzy and Riko, who help Duke analyze the cells for any additional leads. They learned that Null's cells are reactive to Duke and got stronger when near him. They realize Null was being help at the Arkham Juvenile Detention Center, an old solarium which the city had turned into the coverted to house metahuman delinquents, Duke goes to the facility to investigate. Signal uses his powers to infiltrate Juvie Arkham but ends up walking straight into an ambush from the metas housed there.

Luckily, Detective Aisi was also investigating the metas in the Narrows, and arrived just in time to help Signal make a narrow escape. Later, The Signal snuck into the coroner's office to speak with Detective Aisi and compare notes. Signal uses his photokinetic sight to examine a sample of organic tissue from one of the dead metahumans and discovers trace amounts of Nth metal embedded in the tissue. The metal, and the sample, appeared to be reacting to both Duke and something in the air. That's when Signal noticed a strange solar pattern radiating from Gotham Proper, and then it clicks; Gotham is "the Dial". Someone is using Gotham Proper to direct supercharged sunlight toward different sections of the city like a sundial, creating metahumans across The Narrows. At the Batcave, Duke accuses Bruce of being the one responsible for harnessing the sun via Gotham Proper. His theory being, Bruce manufactured his origin as a test run for a scheme to create a metahuman army. Bruce denies the accusation just as the Bat computer is hijacked by Gnomon, who reveals he is the one creating metahumans. He shows them a live broadcasts of The Narrows overrun with innumerable metahumans, all chanting Duke's name, and wreaking havoc across the city. Gnomon is making his presence known to ask Duke join him.

when Batman and The Signal arrive on the scene the Batfamily are spread thin across the borough, trying to contain the metahumans and being overwhelmed. Batman's sensors point to Gnomon being in Gotham Tower but Signal detects a light signature coming off the solar arc of Gotham Proper. Unsure which way to go, Batman reaffirms Signal's place in Gotham's pantheon of heroes and the two split up. En route, Signal recognizes the sunlight's signature, it's the signature of light reflecting off of and being filtered through 8th Metal. Signal realizes that Gnomon must have some kind of 8th Metal machine in the needle of the solar arc, which must mean that's where the villain will be. Signal arrives at Gotham Proper just as Detective Aisi and the GCPD clear the area.

Signal and the detective enter the building together and confront Gnomon in the solar observatory. Now face to face, Gnomon reveals his ambitions for Duke. Gnomon claims he is Duke's father and that years ago his mother, Elaine, fled to Gotham to hide from him. Gnomon created the 8th metal machine and the metas to take over Gotham for Duke. Signal can physically feel it's all truth but powers through to stop Gnomon. Duke tries to take down Gnomon but he reacts too fast for his future sight. He then goes for the 8th Metal machine but sees a future vision that it'll explode if he tries to stop it. Out of moves, Signal is at the mercy of Gnomon when Detective Aisi surprises them both and manages to incapacitate Gnomon. With the machine still active and seeing no other options, Signal sends Detective Aisi away as he's resolved to overload the machine with his powers; regardless of what may happen to him. Once Aisi and Gnomon are clear of the observatory, Signal overloads the machine and is launched from the solar arc by the explosion. As Duke falls to his death Batman swoops in just in time to save him, congratulating him on a successful first day.

The next day, after a breakfast with the Batfamily and seeing his still jokerized parents, Duke meets up with Detective Aisi and is ready to get back on the job as the Signal

The Unexpected

Neon the Unknown, an artist of the occult, and Firebrand, an undead fighter, arrive in Gotham seeking answers about an unstable Nth metal isotope they'd recently acquired. Their presence catches the attention of Huntress, who confronts the questionable individuals, believing they'd brought an unstable weapon into the city. The confrontation turns violent and the two defend themselves until The Signal arrives on the scene and deescalates the situation. Recognizing the isotope is weapons-grade Nth metal, and highly dangerous, The Signal offers to help the pair with their Nth metal inquiry. He uses his photokinetic vision to examine the isotope and the light reflecting off of it triggers intense visons. He sees into the history of Earth -1927, witnessing a battle between Nix Uotan and the multiverse fiend known as Quench, and hears echoes warning of Mandrakk.

The Signal The Unexpected 0001.jpg

The group takes the isotope to the Bat Cove, a facility under Gotham Harbor, for further analysis. They're analysis provides them with a lead when they are suddenly attacked by Onimar Synn and his minions, who had been tracking the Isotope. Onimar Synn's attack results in The Cove being flooded but Neon manages to save everyone by using his Fires of Creation to turn the waters of the harbor into a battlefield. The group fight Synn and his forces but are outnumbered and begin to be overwhelmed. Synn nearly takes the isotope but, out of desperation, Neon once again uses the Fires of Creation and turns Onimar Synn and his army into light, then bounces them over the horizon. With Onimar Synn dealt with for now, Neon and Firebrand decide to take their leave of Gotham quickly as possible. Signal and Huntress send them to meet with Hawkman for further answers on their Nth metal isotope and the pair leave the city.

Ra's al Ghul and The Outsiders[]

Joining the Outsiders

Sometime after the Justice League broke the Source Wall, and subsequently saved the earth from the threat Omega Titans, Batman approached Black Lightning about re-forming and developing the Outsiders. This team became active after the villain Karma lured Duke into a trap, blowing up a building and killing a civilian in the process. This attack left Duke in critical condition and he was forced out of the field to undergo a lengthy recovery process. The attack on Duke kicked off a series of terroristic attacks by Karma, who was seeking to further isolate Batman him from his Batfamily allies. Fearing he might compromise the team due to the personal nature of the attacks, Batman conceded leadership of the Outsiders to Black Lightning, who enlisted the help of Katana, Cassandra Cain, and a recovering Duke Thomas. Together, they took down Karma and officially forming the newest iteration of The Outsiders.

Lesser Gods

On a mission with the Outsiders, The Signal and Orphan are pinned down by gunfire from Saint John, a criminal fixated on church massacres. As they're awaiting orders from Black Lightning, Signal (still traumatized from the Karma attack) becomes eager to attack head on. Orphan knows this is not good strategy and tries to restrain him but Signal still prepares to rush in. Just as he moves Black Lightning and Katana crash onto the scene and neutralize the threat. Jefferson is furious with Duke for trying to rush in and the two exchange heated words, but Duke ultimately apologizes for his actions. Later, Duke and Cass are riding her motorcycle down a winding rode but are forced to pull over when Duke starts experiencing intense flashbacks of Karma. Cass tries to console him, recognizing he's afraid, but he lashes out at her that he's not. Just then, Batman calls upon the Outsiders to brief them on their first real mission and the two head off. At the meeting, Batman explains to the team that years ago he stopped a cooperative of billionaires called The Ark, who would kidnap families to create their own personal army of metahumans. Batman burned their operation to the ground but was only able to save the Ramos family. Gabriel Ramos was murdered recently by an unknown assailant, leaving his daughter, Sofia, alone and afraid; so Batman wants the Outsiders to help her.

The Outsiders meet with Kaliber, Batman's contact looking over Sofia, when they are attacked by Ra's' acolyte named Ishmael. The man does not want to kill her, instead wanting to bring her to Ra's al Ghul. Kaliber and The Outsiders fight to protect Sofia but are overwhelmed by the strength of Ishmael. Ishmael defeats the Outsiders, successfully captures Sofia, and takes her to Khadym to be trained by Ra's. After their failed mission, The Outsiders meet under the Gotham waterway for a team building exercise. The training exercise is revealed to be an intervention to help Duke move past his trauma from Karma. Cassandra confesses to Duke that she told Batman about his nightmares, seeking help, and the team came together to show him he's not alone. Duke is not angry at her and finally admits he really needs help. Black Lightning and the rest of the team assure him they are there for him.

Katana, Black Lightning and Kaliber travel to Khadym to rescue Sofia while Cassandra stays with Duke in Gotham as he mentally recovers. While they're senior member are away, Duke and Cassandra are ambushed by Ishmael, who lures them into a chase. they follow him to a facility where he reveals to them that Lady Shiva has been resurrected by Ra's al Ghul and that Batman has been secretly holding Karma. Lady Shiva subdues Cassandra and Duke is captured by Ishmael. While transporting Duke to the League of Assassins, Ishmael reveals he was reborn in the Lazarus Pit and it gave him the the ability to evolve and change metahuman powers. Ishmael says that Ra's sees potential in Duke and they have plans to use his power to evolve Duke for Ra's ends. With Duke chained and beaten, Ishmael uses his power and begins to change Duke's metahuman abilities. Cassandra Cain tracks down Ishmael, defeating him in single combat and rescuing her partner. Unfortunately it's too late, Duke tells her he is no longer able to see the light, all he can see is darkness.

League of Their Own

After recovering from the Ishmael's attack, Duke shows Cassandra that he can now absorb and redistribute shadow, a power completely opposite to the one he had before. they discuss Duke's new power and the potential consequences of Ishmael changing his metahuman abilities. Duke doesn't want to bring these new developments to Bruce until he understands this new power, fearing he'll try to protect him, while Cassandra questions Batman's motives for hiding Karma. Duke warns her that Ishmael and Ra's are trying to turn them against Bruce but she is more afraid of the implications of her mother's return. Duke reassures her that he won't let Shiva turn her into anything she doesn't wanna be, and that they will stop her together.

Signal and Orphan decide to strike out on their own to test out Duke's new powers on the streets of Gotham. Just as they take a criminal down, Batman discovers them conducting their secret field test. Cass and Duke come clean to Bruce about the resurrection of Lady Shiva and their encounter with Ishmael. Bruce scolds them, telling them they should've told him about Shiva sooner, and they should stop and think before moving on their own again. He tells Duke not to trust the new powers he's received from Ishmael and they should be more afraid of Shiva's return, as she wants to push Cass to become a killer like her. Cassandra's protests and tells him that she will never become like her mother. Just then, Superman appears and asks Duke and Cassandra if he could speak with Bruce alone, so the two leave. Duke reassures Cass that he would never doubt her, telling her maybe it's time they stop trying to live up to Batman's expectations and start doing things their own way.

At Katana's home in Gotham, Tatsu, Duke and Cass realize it's been 30 hours since they've seen or heard from Jefferson and they resolve to track down his whereabouts. it turns out Lady Shiva had taken Jefferson to Cambodia, but Kaliber (alongside Ishmael and Karma) arrives in Cambodia and attacks the pair. Just as Shiva and Jefferson prepare to clash with the villains, the rest of the Outsiders arrive to even the odds. the Outsiders clash with Ra's al Ghul's lieutenants: Jefferson teams up with Shiva against Ishmael, Signal and Orphan face Karma, and Katana targets Kaliber. Using his new shadow abilities, Signal and Orphan overpower Karma.

Demon's Fire

Back in Gotham, as Duke and Cassandra are training, Katana and Lady Shiva begin to argue about how to best nurture Signal and Orphan. Shiva believes that the duo have great potential but their growth is being stunted by Batman's teachings, while Katana believes that Shiva will only lead them down a deadly path. Katana cuts Duke and Cassandra's training short so that she and Shiva can have a duel to determine the direction of Duke and Cassandra's training going forward. In another room, Duke expresses doubt to Cassandra about Batman's methodology and suggests they try a new approach. Cassandra is uncertain and believes Duke's powers are making him reckless. Katana then enters the room, having lost her duel, and tells the young heroes to meet with Shiva.

Lady Shiva takes Duke and Cassandra to her loft to discuss their direction going forward. She questions their satisfaction under Batman's tutelage and suggest they should have their own cities; urging that they build their identities independent of Batman. She asked the pair what they would like to do and, although Batman wants them to stand down, they both agree they would rather be stopping Ra’s. Lady Shiva agree and takes Orphan and Signal on a mission to London to track down Mr. Tolan, one of Ra’s’ bankers. They interrogate the banker about the whereabouts of Ra's al Ghul but he insists that he doesn't know, so Lady Shiva instructs Signal to uses his command over darkness to further "convince" him. After experiencing Duke's power Tolan breaks and he tells the team that Ra's is currently on the move to Japan. Lady Shiva passes the intel along to Batman and both teams move to rendezvous in Japan. In Japan, The Outsiders find out that Ra’s plans to de-stabilize the global economy by eliminating a secret cabal of influential corporate figures called the Master Group. Just as Ra's begins to power up his weapon, Black Lightning manages to shut it down and The Outsiders defeat Ra's al Ghul.

Bruce and the Outsiders later gather at a private ranch north of Gotham City to celebrate their victory over the League of Shadows. While there, Lady Shiva and Duke discuss his identity and the changes to his powers. Duke is uncertain about his new abilities yet still believes in his role as the Signal, but Sofia is less confident about fighting crime Batman’s way. Shiva says she is willing to teach Duke and offers to leave him with a way to contact her if he ever wants her to. After dinner, Shiva drug Bruce and the Outsiders quietly disband while he sleeps. Duke and Cassandra return to Gotham together.

Dark Nights: Death Metal[]

After the defeat of the Justice League in the Justice-Doom War, at the hands of Perpetua and the forces of Doom, Earth 0 is destroyed and remade into the Metalverse. Perpetua continued her campaign of destruction across the multiverse, destroying realities in order to restart everything in her image. The Batman Who Laughs and his army of Dark Multiverse Batmen enforce her rule in the Metalverse, crushing any resistance that may arise. , With only eight earths remaining of the 52 local universes, nearly all of the surviving heroes have either been forced into servitude or imprisoned inside the heart of a dying star on New Apokolips; Duke was likely among them. As the Batman Who Laughs enacts his plan to usurps Perpetua to become the supreme being of the multiverse, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman break into New Apokolips and free the heroes from the prison. The Trinity tells the heroes of multiverse their plan to create an Anti-Crisis by infiltrating Castle Bats (located in what was formerly Gotham City) and using it's time portal to prevent the various crisis events that power Perpetua, the use to World Forge to obtain the power necessary to restore the Multiverse. The heroes split up and enact their plan to save reality.

The Quiet Ones

Duke Thomas 0010.png

While Wonder Woman's team infiltrated Castle Bats and enacted her plan, The Signal, Orphan, Spoiler, and Red Robin fought to reclaim the area around Castle Bats that was once The Narrows. Guarding the sector is Quietus, a Lazarus Pit infused amalgamation of Duke Thomas, Ra's al Ghul, and Batman from the Dark Multiverse. Quietus soundly defeats Signal's team, leaving The Signal as the last hero standing. Refusing to give up, Duke charges up and sends a wave of darkness at Quietus. Quietus regurgitates the waters of the Lazarus Pits from within him and uses it to implode Duke's darkness wave. Duke is covered in the residue, it seeping into his eyes and flooding his mind with twisted visions of his histories from the Dark Multiverse. However, coming into contact with the Lazarus pits also began to augment Duke's meta abilities further, stabilizing his powers and making it possible to fully utilize both light and darkness. Now able to tap into a new level of power, The Signal rallied his team against his Dark Multiverse counterpart and defeated Quietus. With the villain vanquished the team successfully reclaimed The Narrows for Gotham and continued on to aid in the fight for the Multiverse.

The War for the Multiverse

The Trinity return from their quest through time, unable to stop the Crises, to The Batman who Laughs becoming The Darkest Knight and killing Perpetua. Wonder Woman submerges into the World Forge and re-emerges with the newfound power to stop him. The Signal is on the frontlines of the war for the Multiverse with the rest of the Batfamily and the heroes of the DC Multiverse. he is the first of the heroes to witness the arrival of the evil earths carrying The Darkest Knight's armies from the Dark Multiverse. The final showdown, between Wonder Woman & the heroes of the Multiverse vs The Darkest Knight & his nightmarish Last 52 Multiverse, begins. As the war is raging, Duke can be seen fighting a Dark Multiverse Martian Manhunter, a Dark Multiverse Stepphenwolf, Evil Robins, and The Murder Machine at different times. Ultimately Wonder Woman defeats The Darkest Knight and the multiverse is restored as part of the wider Omniverse. The Signal is seen among the heroes at the Hall of Justice listening to Superman's speech celebrating their victory. The Signal is seen among the heroes at the Hall of Justice listening to Superman's speech celebrating their victory.

Infinite Frontier[]

The Signal Secret Files 0001.jpg

Some time after the events of Death Metal, Duke returned to Gotham and resumed his duties protecting the city during the day. At this time Batman entrusted Duke with a flash drive containing all of his contingency plans, journals, and personal insights over the years, to further his development as The Signal.

Secret Files

Duke is training with Cass when Izzy arrives and interrupts the duo's sparring to give Duke his pre-patrol briefing. According to Oracle's report there appears to be an influx of unusual activity happening during the day in Gotham; all seemingly connected. After the briefing, Izzy sends Duke deal with reports of a violent disturbance in Robinson Park before he starts his morning patrol. When he arrives he finds Riko and Dax (now going by Rook and Alt respectively) and the two have already dispatched the aggressor. They become hostile once they see Signal, accusing him of abandoning them and the rest of his friends once he left the Robin movement. Conflicted, Signal tries to apprehend his former crewmates but is taken off guard when they begin demonstrating strange new powers. Riko particularly appears to be able to counter his moves, detecting Duke even when invisible, and somehow hijacking Duke’s powers. Using his photokinesis, she gains access to the White Market, a secret villain marketplace that operates during the day in Gotham. Rook uses Signal's invisibility to infiltrate the facility. after swiftly incapacitating Alt, Signal enters the White Market after her.

Inside, Duke marvels at all the technology and various supervillains shopping for upgrades and stumbles upon vials of anti-Joker Venom. Realizing this could be his chance to finally heal his parents, Duke reaches for the antidote just as Rook is discovered by Parasite. All the villains move to attack her and the White Market begins to evaporate into thin air, starting with all the merchandise; including the antidote. With no time to waste The Signal springs into action to save Riko, using his shadows to whisk her away to safety, leaving him to fight the villains alone. The villains overwhelm Signal and, under extreme duress, he activates all of his powers at once and manages to escape the White Market. Once outside he passes out from his injuries.

Batman is at Duke's side, with Izzy calling in through a live video feed, when he wakes up in The Hatch. It's revealed that Duke's powers appear to allow him to heal rapidly and he's all but fully recovered from his wounds. Batman tells Duke everything he's discovered during Signal's confrontation with Rook and Alt at the White Market. Rook and Alt's employer, Xavier Pearl and XP industries, had been tracking the White Market and figured that they could use Duke's powers to locate and gain entry into it. Batman believes the White Market was founded by the Order of the Stone, a sect of the Religion of Crime, and with The Signal's battle in the White Market exposing its existence, they may be gunning for him now. He advises Duke to take time to heal from the mental trauma of his confrontation with his former allies before taking his leave. Izzy tells Duke that he can’t do this alone but he insists that until she is truly ready he has to be a solo act. Duke sneaks back into his room, avoiding contact with Jay and reflecting on the state of his old friends.

The next day The Signal invisibly investigates a hole blown into the Gotham Central Rehabilitation Center. At the scene, he discovers that his mother is missing.

Urban Legends: Fear State

At the center of the Earth, Duke and The Outsiders are assisting Frankenstein in an underground fight stadium, fighting against subterranean monsters for surface-world dominance. Duke puts up a fight but is overpowered by their leader and is sent flying out of the ring. Frankenstein steps in and finishes the job and The Outsiders prove victorious, so the subterraneans return to their caves until their next contest for supremacy. As the Outsiders get ready to head back home, an electrical entity descends upon them and asks The Outsiders for their help. He explains he's Black Lightning from an apocalyptic future and in that future Duke became one of the most powerful mages on the planet. Future Duke used his Demon Arm to send his Soultaker and Black Lightning back in time to stop a man named Jonah Winfield from becoming the villain known as The Fearful; but he arrived too late. He elaborates that Jonah was once a student of Professor Jonathan Crane at Gotham University but was exposed to fear toxin, resulting in his body beginning to produce and secrete fear toxin. Duke can see that Future Black Lightning is full of rage and wants to kill Jonah but The Outsiders agree to help find and stop Jonah before he can do any damage.

The team quickly tracks down Jonah and tell him to come with them immediately. Jonah only tells the Outsiders to stay away from him because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. The Outsiders, realizing the danger, keep their distance. Duke, recognizing that Jonah is panicked and afraid, takes off his helmet and slowly approaches Jonah. He powers through Jonah's fear, willing himself against the fear toxin, and tries to reach out to Jonah on an interpersonal level. He tells him that he empathizes with him and he understands being afraid, but he reassures the young man that he can be calm because they only want to help. Unfortunately, seeing Duke put himself in danger causes Future Black Lightning's feelings to get the best of him and he makes a move for Jonah. Current day Black Lightning reaches out to stop him but, once he and his future soul make contact, they accidentally trigger an electrical pulse wave. The pulse wave electrocutes Jonah and causes him to secrete a massive amount of Fear Toxin. All of the Outsiders inhale the toxin and begin turning against one another. Duke begins to panic, seeing Jonah as the Joker as he tries to run away. As Jonah starts to escape he is immediately subdued by Red Robin.


*Note: Duke's significant Relationships

Duke's most dominant traits are his emotional intelligence and his drive to help others, often willing to take calculated risks and put himself on the line in order to help those in need. Duke's ambition to help others started from an young age, often citing his mother's social work as an inspiration. At age 11, during the Zero Year, Duke took it upon himself to take on the Riddler's challenge and save his city, impressing a young Bruce Wayne with his courage and sharp mind. Following the disappearance of his parents, entering the foster care system in his teen years greatly shaped Duke's worldview. Feeling police were either unwilling or unable to help find his missing parents, and realizing the exploitative motives of his foster parents, Duke developed a deep distrust of authority and a fierce sense of independence. This led to Duke going from a promising student to somewhat of a delinquent during his time in foster care, receiving grades below his ability and accruing a lengthy criminal record due to regularly breaking out of his foster homes to search for his parents. [2]

Duke's habit of following his convictions, sometimes with reckless abandonment, often led to him defying Batman, during his training, by going out in the daylight to chase leads (All-Star Batman #). This philosophy of operating in the daytime eventually evolved into a point of distinction between Batman's and Signal's particular brand of heroism. Since graduating into the Batfamily, Duke often ponders what it means to be a hero in relation to Batman’s philosophy (Batman and The Signal #1) and began to seriously question Batman's ideology during his time on the Outsiders (Batman and The Outsiders #14).

Duke is very emotionally intelligent. Inspired by his mother, he is an active member of in his community and regularly mentors troubled youths in need of guidance at the Lucius Fox Community Center. Duke's experience as mentor and a leader has made him one of the most social members of the Batfamily and the one who can be relied on to console, counsel, and relate to those in need. His a talent for counseling and rallying others has even moved Bruce Wayne to act when he wasn't sure of himself (Superheavy) and is a skill Batman has relied on Duke for in the field.(I am Gotham #5) His empathy, willingness to act, and resolve to stand for what he believes in make him a charismatic and confident leader. When he joined the We Are Robin movement, he naturally arose as the de-facto leader of movement and led them in the Robin War against the Court of Owls, cemented the We are Robin motto “Robin doesn’t need Batman”.

Duke has a healthy, somewhat dark, sense of humor and is quick to joke around. He's typically seen trading barbs with Jason Todd, who taught him to use his quips in battle to throw off his opponents (New Talent Showcase). This is a tactic that Duke took to heart and often use in his superhero career.[3]

Powers & Abilities[]

Metahuman Physiology: Duke is a metahuman with the ability to manipulate, absorb, and redistribute both light and shadow. Duke's metahuman abilities come from the metagene, a genetic variation caused by naturally occurring traces of Nth metal in the bloodstream. Duke inherited this genetic trait from both of his biological parents; Elaine Thomas and Gnomon. Duke's physiology appears to be unique in comparison to other metahumans. In his presence, metahumans' cells react and Gnomon claims Duke has his "infinite blood", implying Duke may potentially be immortal. Duke's powers are essentially photokinetic in nature. His photokinetic powers originally allowed him to manipulate the way he processes light but, after experiencing the touch of Ishmael, have since "evolved" to manipulating light and darkness more abstractly.

Photokinesis: Duke primary ability is photokinesis and, due to his body's unique photokinetic properties, enhanced photo-sensory abilities. Duke's photokinetic senses can detect changes and variations in light invisible to the naked eye, and he can absorb and process light faster than humanly possible. Duke can manipulate light as well as the way he process light in order to perform a variety of different ocular effects.

Duke Thomas Photokinesis 0001.jpg
  • Ghost Vision: Duke's most notable ability is what he calls his "Ghost Vision". By manipulating the way he processes light, Duke can use his photokinetic vison to perceive the "ghosts" of where light has been in his vicinity, allowing him to see a few minutes into the past. he can also use the same principle to glimpse into the future by sensing the "ghosts" of where light will be before it gets there.[3]
  • Cosmic Perception: Duke can perceive the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum and can even see beyond the known EM spectrum. He's able to perceive light originating from across dimensional boundaries into the history of a previous universe.[4]
  • X-Ray Vision: Duke is able to track, follow, and detect someone through walls, ceilings,[5] smoke[6] and most other materials.
  • Telescopic Vision: Duke has the ability to focus his vision to see things at great distance, even at high speeds. Duke is capable of tracking the movement of light (or a person moving at light-like speeds) as it passes over the horizon.[4]
  • Microscopic Vision: Duke also has the ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the subdermal level.[7]
  • Light Bending: Duke's powers can be used manipulate the light around him to radiate light, illuminate the reflective surfaces,[8] and even achieve invisibility.[9]
Duke Thomas Umbrakinesis 0002.jpg

Darkness Manipulation: Duke's photokinetic powers include command over shadows and darkness. He can primarily absorb and redistribute darkness, describing the ability as "behaving like a tide" that pushes and pulls shadows.

  • Shadow Absorption: Duke can pull shadows toward and into himself, revealing more light in his vicinity.[10]
  • Darkness Generation: Duke can expel darkness from himself, enveloping everything in a wave of darkness.[11] He can also charge up his darkness before sending his darkness wave at his opponent.[12]
    • Photoelectricity: Occasionally the darkness Duke generates has a photoelectric effect.
  • Shadow Bending: Duke can shape and manipulate shadow like a physical object.
  • Shadow Traversal: Duke can move though shadows and darkness to traverse distance quickly and discretely. he can also use this ability on his allies to safely retreat*(Secret files) or to perform coordinated attacks.[13]

Photo-Shadow Traversal: Duke can utilize his light and darkness abilities in tandem. First envisioning a path, Duke can traverse through light and shadow simultaneously. While traversing through light and shadow everything around him appears to stand still.[9]

Power Amplification: Metahumans in Duke's presence react on a cellular level and their powers begin to increase. We see this while examining Null's blood cells and it's later confirmed by Gnomon; however, it is unclear how much he affects their actual powers.[14]

Healing Factor: Gnomon, Duke's biological father, claims to be an immortal of over a thousand years and that Duke possess his "infinite blood", implying Duke may possess similar immortality. This claim is supported when it's discovered that Duke's powers allow him to heal rapidly in dire situations.[9]


Charisma: Duke's charisma is one of his defining attributes, regularly able to gain the trust and loyalty of others and win them over to his cause.

  • Leadership: Duke's ability to rally and coordinate people under his command makes him an formidable field commander. Under his leadership, Duke's faction of the Robin gang rose above the others and were the driving force behind the We Are Robin movement. As Signal, Duke is known to take the lead even when working with more experienced heroes like Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) and Red Robin (Tim Drake). Batman recognizes Duke's leadership abilities and claims to be training Duke for Justice League leadership.

Genius-level Intellect: Duke has been shown to be exceptionally intelligent even from a young age, qualifying as a finalist for the Gotham Genius grant at the age of 12. While his academic performance did not match his potential in his later school years*, Duke's quick thinking and intellect made him a natural fit for detective work, able to easily deduce the identities of Alfred Pennyworth as "The Nest"*, Bruce Wayne as Batman*, Dick Grayson as Agent 37*, and Damian Wayne as Robin*.

  • Polymath: as a protégé of Batman, Duke is a skilled detective with a diverse skillset, capable of observation, forensic investigation, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning of the highest caliber. Through Batman's "Cursed Wheel" program Duke learned all of the fundamental skills Bruce Wayne studied in order to become Batman, such as Escapology, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Science, Mathematics, Physics, etc. Duke has also studied every contingency plan and personal insight created by Batman throughout his years as a vigilante.

Indomitable Will: Duke's proven himself to be an exceptionally strong-willed individual. During the events of Robin War, Duke was the one to face off against a rogue Damian Wayne and, despite Damian's best efforts, refused to go down until he convinced Damian to fight alongside him and the other Robins. Duke was also able to create a complex construct of Batman's machine using a power ring loaned to him by Hal Jordan on his first try.

Shadow Boxing

Martial Arts: Duke has had multiple martial arts instructors and has become a seasoned combatant over his career as a hero. He demonstrated a natural skill in a fight, able to take on multiple opponents at once, without any training. During the Robin War, he and the rest of the We are Robin movement received a crash course in combat and tactics from the "original" Robins: Agent 37, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin. Duke went on to receive formal martial arts training from Batman, learning the combat skills Bruce Wayne had mastered to become Batman and over the years as the Caped Crusader, and was also trained one one one by Red Hood. After joining The Outsiders, Duke's began training under Black Lightning, Katana, and was briefly mentored by Lady Shiva. He also trains with Cassandra Cain on a regular basis.

  • Enhanced Combat Perception: His precognition and enhanced visual senses make him uniquely perceptive in a fight, able to react to attacks faster than normally possible, detect weak points,[14] and slow down his perception to catch flying projectiles.[7]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
    • Umbrakinetic Combat: Duke can incorporate his command over shadows with his martial arts to augment his melee combat to some degree. After acquiring his new powers Lady Shiva mentored Duke on how to master and best use his new abilities.[15]
  • Stick Fighting
  • Nunchaku

Creative Writing: Duke is a talented writer, specifically with poetry, although he'd never admit it.


Heavy Metals: 10th metal and it's various forms, as well as other heavy metals, can alter and otherwise affect metahumans in a variety of ways and Duke's lineage appears to be intrinsically connected to the heavy metals. Duke appears to have a sensitivity to various the heavy metals, with his powers reacting unpredictably depending on the metal. Duke's powers seem to be particularly attuned to 8th Metal.

Duke Thomas 0008.png


*Note: Duke's Armory

  • Signal Armor: the Signal armor is a light-weight armor-plated suit with a reflective bat insignia on the chest plate. The reflective plate can appear to change color depending on lighting and can be used to illuminate dark passages, or blind and confuse enemies, by reflecting light off of it. The suit also has an built-in defensive electrical grid that can be used to shock threats in close proximity. The belt of the Signal Armor once came with a stealth mode that could turn the wearer invisible, however, since the expansion of his powers, Duke's photokinesis can achieve the same effect.


  • Bat-chet Sticks: Duke's primary weapon of choice is a pair of modified eskrima sticks that connect to function as nunchaku as well. The sticks come with spring-loaded "bat-chet" blades (bat wing shaped hatchet blades) that allow them to be used as a grappling hook.


  • Duke began dating Isabella Ortiz some time after leaving the Robin movement to train under Batman.[14]
  • Duke went to West Robinson High School. He ran track his first year and tried out for soccer, but was expelled from the team after a disagreement with the strength trainer.[2]
  • Duke doesn't like heights.[2]
  • Duke's hobbies include collectible card games, puzzles, and film; particularly Quentin Tarantino films.[2]
  • Duke Thomas is a childhood fan of MMA, Luke Fox in particular meant a lot to him growing up.[16]

Wikitorial Notes[]

  • Duke appears to have relatively good luck with the ladies. When we first see Duke after the events of Endgame, he is in a confrontation over two-timing allegations.* Both Riko and Izzy developed feelings for Duke over the course of their time as a We Are Robin unit.* Gotham Girl even envisions a future where she and Duke are married, after spending time together in the Batcave.
  • Duke's birthday has never been revealed in continuity but some Duke fans have taken to using August 13th, derived from the cover date of his first appearance in Batman #21 (August, 2013)
  • Gnomon, Duke, and The Constant all heavily play into the sun and light as a visual motif, and all are connected to the secret link between metahumans and Immortals in the DC; implying a common ancestry or relation between the three.

Essential Reading[]

  • Batman: Endgame
  • We Are Robin: Vigilante Business
  • We are Robin: Jokers